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Instruction: How to book an Online Consultant/Advisor

First of all, pay for services, actually which services you are intending to take.


Then fill out the Tutor/Advisor booking form. You can pay PayPal or International Debit or Credit card.


Below the option has been provided. You can pay also bank transfer or deposit, but in this case you need to ask us bank details, then we will provide you.


Please remember, when you booked Service For field, please mentioned date and time when you are available.

Then we will arrange a time for consultation.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Want to pay by                click below buy now button
Pay by card click below.


Want to pay by bank transfer or deposit, please contact us


Book  An Online Consultant/Advisor



Thank you for booking

Bangladeshi nationals can pay by                to this number 01777 59 78 34
Also they can pay in BD bank account. Want to pay in a bank just contact with us.
​​We are online consulting service provider like; immigration, work, study, personal developments, fitness and others. Please visit the services page, then select your region, like any of them Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania, after that choose the service what you are looking for then book the service.
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