Student Consulting

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We listen student’s opinion, problem and questions and answer them carefully and willingly.​Discuss freely with them and help them to find suitable subject. Guide them properly how to save money and how they can minimize cost.

Immigration Consulting

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Work or Immigrate, Asia, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

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Career Consulting


Decision making, adaptation, remove disappointing, dissatisfaction and confliction. Choosing right path, suitability, sustainability, career growth and others.

Business Consulting

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New business setup, Profit and Loss, Revenue, Sales, Business Expansion, Diversification, obstacles, Employee Dissatisfaction, Business Coaching and others.

Financial Consulting

We will give you proper dictation when you need to sell or buy and where to invest. Selling or buying property like land home and car, Investment and others.

Fitness Consulting


Now a day’s all over the world, people are gaining weight quickly as a result peoples attack by many diseases. People are bombarded by many advertise like; within few week just loose too much body fat or weight, just do this exercise the overweight will run away etcetera.

But our aim is listen individual person opinions and their past history. Then we will listen where they live availability of food there. After knowing this we will give them diet plan and food routine. And of course we will take feedback and change the diet plan and exercise. Because every person body type is different from others.

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