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Q: What is ICL?

A: ICL is immaculate counselling, it is online based, personal, business, immigration, work, study, financial, fitness and others counselling provider worldwide.

Q: How ICL works?

A: First of all, you can visit our service page then visit the country page after that select the service you need and you need to pay for the service.

Q: Is there any age restriction to  getting service?

A: Yes, to get a service, your aged should be minimum eighteen, but your legal guardian can be a perfect, and take the service for you.



Q: Can I contact ICL physically to get service or other purposes?

A: Yes you can, but the service is expensive and there is no difference between online or physical appearances.

Q: Does ICL accept any cash for services?

A: No. To getting service you are requested to pay by paypal or card or bank transfer only. We never accept cash

Q: Can I contact tutor/advisor/consultant personally and hire?
A: Yes you can. But in this case we will not take any responsibility.






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